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Benjamin Franklin and a kite....

Henry Ford and an assembly line....

The most original creations begin with a very simple thought.  And so it began with BY OWNER.

In a small town in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, two real estate brokers wanted to sell their own home. There was no Multiple Listing Service so they had to personally contact every real estate office in town.

Each office they contacted was glad to take the listing, but reported there was no need to see the home – after all, they had seen it before the current owners had purchased it.

The two brokers thought they might have been better off if they had just taken pictures of their home, made posters and tried to sell it directly to the public.   So, that's exactly what they did.

It was also very clear to them that the real estate industry needed to "think outside the box" and become innovative.  Traditional real estate had not changed the way business was done for decades.

And, with that simple realization, a new real estate franchise was born!

The next few years were spent creating and trademarking logos, marketing tools and systems to make this very simple idea a reality.  And, today, BY OWNER franchises are bringing buyers and sellers together in a marketplace designed to meet their individual needs.

BY OWNER franchisees allow buyers and particularly sellers a menu of services – allowing each sale to be tailored to the needs of the people involved. It brings customer service to new level.

While BY OWNER franchises appeal to buyers and sellers everywhere, we have found that we are specially well suited for rural areas where people expect personal attention. We've been providing what the public wants for over twenty five years.  And now, traditional brokers are beginning to understand us – and want BY OWNER franchises of their own.

'BY OWNER' is a division of Prime Realty Options, LLC.
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