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The Unit Franchise

Every BY OWNER real estate Unit Franchise is independently owned and operated.  Features of the Unit Franchise include:

Before Buying a Franchise
Business.gov - Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise
Business.gov - An Overview of Franchising
SBA - Franchise Registry
FTC - The FTC Franchise Rule

The Subfranchise

A BY OWNER real estate Subfranchise comes with a Unit Franchise plus the license rights to develop a larger defined area (state, large metropolitan area, province, etc). The Subfranchisor retains a portion of all net franchise sales fees and royalties generated within his or her Subfranchise area.  If you have management and marketing skills, you can effectively put them to work by building your own franchise network within the BY OWNER system.

Committed to Growth

Solid, quality growth is the number one objective of Prime Realty Options, LLC, the parent company of BY OWNER.  The real estate industry is changing.  Buyers, sellers and multiple outside factors, including changing legislation, demand a real estate professional who is versatile, and brokerage firms that can offer more diversified services.  We are committed to remaining at the forefront of these demands.

A Strong Internet Presence

The internet presence of BY OWNER Reality Network® compares favorably with the ultra-high-profile, high-cost national franchises.  The corporate website, currently covering Montana, may be seen at www.ByOwner-MT.com.  A review of 10 of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Netscape, MSN, AOL, etc), using the search terms indicated, finds us on the following pages (averaged):

Date Search Term Page
3/9/05 land for sale {franchise city} {franchise state}
3/9/05 homes for sale {franchise city} {franchise state} 1.1
3/9/05 real estate for sale {franchise city} {franchise state} 1.2

'A Fresh Approach' Is More Than Our Slogan

BY OWNER franchises give today's real estate professionals the tools needed to connect with buyers and sellers.  In today's new world of real estate, brokers and agents need to offer the services that consumers are expecting and those services need to be offered the way consumers demand.  Our marketing environment doesn't push clients -- it draws them.

BY OWNER franchisees and associates are not restricted or restrained by the usual traditions and rituals of typical brokerage firms.  This allows for market-place freedom in meeting the needs of both buyers and sellers.  We stress the importance of allowing clients to participate at whatever level they choose.

BY OWNER clients are offered many choices in how they want their BY OWNER agent to market the property for sale.  Choices range from a flat-fee-for-service marketing package to a full service listing with a percentage commission.  Each  franchisee is free to develop choices based on market conditions in their territory.

'BY OWNER' is a division of Prime Realty Options, LLC.
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