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Begin with a broker who has a vision and an eager team of agents

Fast Rider

Add a group of experienced franchisees who can offer practical advice.

Covered Wagon Team  Fast Rider   Covered Wagon TeamChuckwagon

And top it off with a guide who knows the way.

Covered Wagon Team  Fast Rider   Covered Wagon Team   Chuckwagon   YeeHaw

All western caricatures aside, an extended team with experienced leadership is a valuable asset to a real estate office.  Even an experienced broker with an experienced team of agents benefits from the candid advice of other offices and organizational leadership. 

All BY OWNER franchisees are encouraged to talk openly and honestly with each other.  This presents an opportunity for everyone to  discover what has worked and what hasn't in a wide variety of areas with many different types of clients. 

Advice of this type is not readily available from one's competition, and all too often is not available within other franchises.  We have observed an almost cutthroat attitude in most real estate offices where buyers and sellers alike are encouraged not to speak to anyone in the office except their own agent.

At BY OWNER we encourage franchisees to help their agents look at each situation from the buyer's or seller's point of view.  If a client calls with a question, and the agent is not available, would the client prefer to be frustrated or be helped?  When agents help each other with no ulterior motives, everyone wins.

Initial & Ongoing Support

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Think of BY OWNER as an astronaut thinks of NASA

Forms & Equipment  - - - -  Spacesuit
Office Selection Assistance  - - - -  Spaceship
Business Nuts & Bolts for Real Estate Training  - - - -  Pilot Training
Targeting your Market Training  - - - -  Guidance System
Presenting Concepts to Buyers/Sellers Training  - - - -  Task Training
Organizing your Sales Efforts Training  - - - -  Pre-Flight Checkout
Time Management Training  - - - -  Physical Training
Corporate Advertising  - - - -  Publicity
Ethics Training  - - - -  Oxygen
Networking Training  - - - -  Oxygen Refills
Annual Education Seminar
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By now you may be wondering about the many analogies and cartoons on this page.  They are here to help make a point:

The BY OWNER experience is meant to be
both professional and enjoyable
for both its clients and its franchisees!

We believe in handling the business aspects of real estate in a professional businesslike manner while treating people like individuals.  So on the one hand, we support franchisees in areas such as paperwork, equipment, file organization, marketing, ethics, and keeping up with changes in the law.  And on the other hand, we encourage our franchisees to treat their clients and each other as individuals with unique needs and worthwhile ingenuity.

To use yet another analogy, think of two successful haute cuisine restaurants.

Both have achieved perfection in the technical details:
But their human sides are vastly differently:
BY OWNER franchises are for people who prefer the second restaurant.  We work hard at keeping the technical side of a franchisee's office working perfectly.  We supply 24-hour phone support and annual training aimed at the technical side of real estate.  And, we try to have fun doing it.  After all, actions really do speak louder than words.

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