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A mainstay of the BY OWNER approach is to focus on Positive Visibility.  Remember the Edsel?  So does everyone else, but nobody bought one!  The BY OWNER concepts, systems and franchise locations are popular with the public, and we intend to keep it that way.

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BY OWNER holds two federally trademarked logos which are available to franchisees.  One is the distinctive By Owner Logo insignia.  The other is the phrase Reality Network®.  These logos may be used independently or in any combination.


BY OWNER signs are eye-catching and the trademark is a strong memory aid.  No one needs to remember a name or even a phone number to inquire about a property.  All they have to remember are the words "By Owner" -- and they do remember!


A Strong Internet Presence

BY OWNER is committed to having a strong internet presence.  This means maintaining a corporate website, making other national listing services available to franchisees, and encouraging franchisees to have their own websites as well.

The  BY OWNER Reality Network®  corporate website for Montana is at www.ByOwner-MT.com.  It is designed to feature individual franchised offices.  Each office may display an IDX link to their local MLS,  all of their listings with multiple photographs, an article about themselves with a picture, information on each of their agents, and local businesses and agencies that they wish to highlight. A review of 10 of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Netscape, MSN, AOL, etc), using the indicated search term, gives the following averaged results:

Date Search Term Average Page
3/9/05 land for sale {franchise city} {franchise state}
3/9/05 homes for sale {franchise city} {franchise state} 1.1
3/9/05 real estate for sale {franchise city} {franchise state} 1.2

Office Display Center

Picture of display area

The most effective way to interest a buyer in a new property is to let the buyer lead the way.  All BY OWNER offices have a colorful professional photo display area where prospective buyers may browse.  This no-hassle enjoyable area is a real hit.  Even sellers look forward to seeing their properties displayed in an eye-catching comfortable atmosphere.


Location is a proven marketing tool that we promote heavily.  We want BY OWNER franchisees to spend their time marketing listings -- not the location of their office.  Many of the reasons for having a good location are obvious, but in our case there is an additional unique reason:  Many potential clients walk into a BY OWNER office because they want to know what BY OWNER is all about.  The logo alone attracts them -- if they see it!

In order to ensure that franchisees find a good location for their new office, BY OWNER will provide the Headquarters Team of Andy & Teri Polumsky to search for potential offices.  The Polumskys' qualifications include:

'BY OWNER' is a division of Prime Realty Options, LLC.
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